Find and secure your next investment property

Whether you are a new or experienced investor, you can thrive in Australia and we want to assist you. 

We research the right property for you based on your preferences and extensive data analysis, so you can ensure the best areas and properties for investing with safety, therefore you can achieve financial freedom and choose the future you want most.

Generate Passive Income

Invest your money in areas that are in the beginning of the
growth cycle to potentialise your capital growth.

Let your money work for you towards a comfortable
retirement (or early retirement).

We Got You Covered

We provide you professionals to source and negotiate properties on your behalf.

From legal experts, to pest and building inspectors, to accountants, mortgage brokers and property managers.

Smooth operation

We'll help you avoid unexpected costs and issues.

We’ll ensure that you will have all support needed along the way: from when you first engage us to when you buy the property and want to find a tenant.

Stop wasting your time

Say goodbye to online research.
Buy with confidence while enjoying your free time.

Start building a property portfolio
so you can create wealth and earn financial freedom.

Your future self will thank you for start investing today.

The 6-Step profitable property buying process


Discovery Call

We organise a free initial discovery call to determine whether we can work together and if Asset Byers can add value on your property journey.  

We will find out more about your current situation and you will get to know more about our services and the first steps to be completed before we get to the strategy meeting.

There is no expectation from here to proceed any further.


Strategy Meeting

We are now formally working together, and we’ll e-meet to define the property brief and record all the details of what you are looking for in a property.

We’ll define a strategy and set the expectations of how the process will unfold while we search for the right property for you.



We evaluate each property across 16 different criteria to ensure that the options that we put forward are great investing candidates.

We’ll only show you properties that meet the brief and that we consider worth buying.

Our services include all communication with sales agents, viewings of the property and the preparation of reports to present the relevant details back to you. 



Once you are happy with the property that we found, we will define a negotiation strategy that you are comfortable with and will negotiate with the real estate agent on your behalf. 

We’ll keep you updated allowing the process to be smooth and stress-free.



There are several steps to ensure all contract conditions are met and the property is settled. 

We’ll continue to work with you right through until you have the keys.


Renting out your property

It is also part of our fees to introduce you to a local property manager so your property can be rented out as soon as it is purchased by you.

If applicable, we can also give you advice on minimal work that could be done to the property to ensure that you can potentialise your rent income, such as replacing carpets, painting the house, etc. Your property manager can then help you get the work done.

We also offer a service to prepare a high-level feasibility study that lists developments that could be done to your property to potentialize its value.
It involves a comprehensive assessment of Council regulations and a breakdown of different proposals that could be done to that specific property,
such as redesign of the interior layout to include another bathroom or bedroom, add extra floor space, build another level, subdivide the property, etc. 

This report includes an estimate of how much in average the works could cost you and what is the potential value to be added to the property once the works are completed.
With this feasibility study report, you’ll how in average how much you’d need to spend and what would be the return for your money either when selling or renting your property.

Hello! We are
Renata Santoniero and Bruno Homero

With 15 years of combined experience in the construction and property industry in Australia, we learned to identify and evaluate areas and properties with great growth potential. 

We are aware that buying property can seem overwhelming for first-time buyers, and that even if you are a confident buyer, you might not have the time to research the different areas and properties, engage the required professionals and secure the deal yourself. 

We’re here to help you with on-market and off-market properties across Australia and make this journey as easy as possible for you. 

If you are ready to work towards your financial freedom through property, we’re here to help you.  

Let’s make it happen!

Are you ready to make a move towards financial freedom,
but not sure whether property would be your best option?

Property Allows You
To Be Leveraged

By investing a small amount of money (initial deposit) you can control an asset many times larger in value.

When the asset increases in value, the growth in capital can be equal or greater than the initial deposit.

Property Has Great
Capital Growth Potential

In Australia you have the potential to double the value of your asset every 8 years as, on average, Australian property price grows 8.6% per year.

Some areas have seen over 20% increase per year in the last few years, so knowing the right area to invest is essential to make the most out of your money.

Property =
Low Volatility

Real estate represents a much-lower volatility asset class when compared to stocks.

Volatility equals risk, hence why banks are happy to lend you money to buy properties but not to buy stocks.

What are your main concerns when it comes to investing in property?

Maybe you are a first-time property investor and are worried about making mistakes. You also don’t know what to look for on investment properties, or what areas you should be buying now.

Or perhaps you are time poor, and researching the right area and property can be very time consuming and you’re sick of missing out on property in a market that keeps growing monthly. 
Or even you would like to diversify your portfolio with a different strategy or geography.

Regardless all that, we’re here to help you.

I'm lacking of time

Let us search for you

We have relationships with real estate agents,
and we can also give you access to off-market properties.
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I'm insecure

Let us cover for you

For sure you would like the security of having a professional working on one of the biggest investments of your life, and we are ready to assist you.
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I'm not in Australia

Let us represent you

If you would like to buy interstate or from overseas, we provide everything you may need to trust us.
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